Outright.com Website Review & Ratings + Outright.com Coupons
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Outright.com Website Review & Ratings + Outright.com Coupons

Outright.com: Products & Services

Are you looking for Accounting Solutions that are easy-to-use, affordable and suitable to your business needs? Then you are in the right track since Outright.com provides the best solutions for small business, private individual practitioners, freelancers, self-employed professionals, sole proprietors and IRS Schedule C Tax Filers.

Outright.com offers affordable Online Bookkeeping Solutions with the following features:

Outright.com: Company Background

Outright.com started in 2008 when Kevin Reeth and Ben Curren started to think of their own business after they left Intuit. They gathered and organized teams to address the concerns of small business in organizing financial data. With over 200,000 customers since 2008, Outright has a long way ahead when it comes to providing accounting solutions to small business.

In July 2012, Outright was acquired by Go Daddy. Go Daddy helps small businesses get online, and it is only fitting that Outright should help small businesses in their bookkeeping needs.

Outright is located at 191 Castro Street, Suite 200, Mountain View, CA 94041.

Outright.com: Customer Feedback & Reviews

In this section, you’ll read how Outright Customers have to say about their Outright Online Bookkeeping Solutions. You may also refer to Outright.com Testimonials to read the full version.

“Outright has helped me get a handle on my cashflow. As a result, I've been able to plug up leaks (reduce extra expenses) and make wiser buying choices. Outright has helped me grow from a hobbiest into an e-tailer. Thanks, Outright!”

- Emily Purpura

Live for Love Consignment, Chicago, Illinois

“I had been struggling to manually enter all my online sales information. As my business grew it seemed that was all I ever did. Once I found Outright, it made my life so much easier. All I have to do now is log on and print the information I need. It has literally saved me hours each day. Outright is my new best friend!”

- Amber Smith

Amber’s Market, Williamsburg, Kansas

“I've sold books at various online venues for years as a sideline. I have no business training and when the 1099-k tax form was announced I started printing out every transaction for my records. I was left with a mountain of paper I had no idea what to with. I started scaling back my selling and was considering stopping it altogether. I signed up for Outright and started receiving comprehensive and professional looking accounting updates. I added my other accounts (which was easy) and now my business if purring along. I no longer fear the tax man. Thanks.”

- Kelly Crawford

Menlo Park, California

“After the nightmare that was my taxes last year, and as a first year as a business owner, I knew that this year I needed to look for something that would make it easier. I'm so glad I found Outright! It has already helped me to stay organized as well as clearly see where my money is going so I can make some changes and see my profit grow. Thank you for simplifying my life!”

- Sarah Knopf

Chicago, Illinois

Outright.com: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

As of the moment, Outright.com is not yet accredited with Better Business Review (BBB). However, they have been covered in major press releases and media since they have a lot of Outright Partners.

The Business Journals had announced on its press release last June 22, 2012 that Outright.com announces Integration with Big Cartel.

“In an effort to simplify and streamline how small business owners and home-based entrepreneurs sell their goods online, Outright.com, the leader in bookkeeping and tax software for online sellers, this week announced a unique integration with Big Cartel, an online platform that enables bands, fashion designers, jewelers, record labels, and other creative types, to launch their own customizable web storefronts.”

The full version of the news can be read in The Business Journals Press Release.

RRBradio.com last July 18, 2012 also announced when Go Daddy acquired Outright.com. The details of the announcement can be heard and read through the Breaking News of RRBradio.com.

Outright.com: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Outright.com is still working on its online traffic. Outright has a medium worldwide Alexa Traffic Rank of 19,558 and has a Google Page Rank of 6 out of 10. This is a good traffic for a business that is still on its almost 4 years of existence in this online business.

Outright.com: Social Media Presence

Outright.com has 5,025 likes on its Facebook page. It has 4,903 followers and 3,726 following on its Twitter Account, @Outright. It has Pinterest and Google + Accounts. Outright’s Blog which is entitled, The Bottom Line is categorized according to Small Business, Taxes, ecommerce and News and Announcements. The Bottom Line is updated weekly and even daily as the need arises.

Outright.com: Website Security & Safety

With Outright.com, data is safe and secure because it has used the same measures as online banking. Outright uses 256-bit SSL security, the same as most major U.S. banks. Their service is monitored and verified through TRUSTe, Go Daddy and McAfee. Automatic online back-up for data is made all the time in their secured servers to protect financial information. Outright is a read-only service. No fund transfer between accounts can be done since it is only used to import, categorize and organize financial data.

The Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic tells that, “Of the 17 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-07-20, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days. This site was hosted on 2 network(s) including AS14618 (AMAZON)AS19994 (RACKSPACE).”

For more information, you may refer to this link: http://google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=outright.com

Outright.com: Pricing & Packages

Online Bookkeeping using Outright.com is made easy and affordable especially for freelancers and small business owners. Outright offers a free account with no monthly fee, no credit card and no expiration dates. A satisfied client may opt to unlock some Features using the Outright Plus for only $9.95 per month which includes Annual, Quarterly, and Sales Tax Tracking and Reporting.

Compared with other Online Bookkeeping Solutions, Outright is the most affordable. Quickbooks Online Simple Start has a monthly fee of $12.95 while Kashoo Online Accounting is $10 per month for Freelancer and $20 monthly for Small Business. 

Outright.com: Shipping Rates & Policies

Since Outright is an online business which offers Online Bookkeeping Solutions which can be directly accessible online after purchase, Shipping rate and policies are not applicable. 

Outright.com: Payment Methods Accepted

Outright.com accepts payment through the use of a valid credit card. Payments will be billed in U.S. dollars and shall be due every month. Outright may choose to modify the pricing for some or all of the service at any time. Outright shall not be liable to the client or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

Outright.com: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Outright.com will automatically renew the monthly or annual service at the current rates, unless the client cancels the service under the agreement. Once the client has cancelled his account, he will no longer have access to his financial data because it will be permanently removed from the service. The client takes the responsibility to copy or otherwise collect any desired content from the service before cancelling his account.

Outright.com: Product images & screenshots
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